Monday, June 17, 2019


In 2019, what thing become business best strategy plan?  Creative idea?  Huge capital? Hire talent people? Large quantity of market? Above all is the good strategy plan, but not the best. Now day the best strategy plan was e-commence.  Banking activity after e-commence become online banking, taxi become grab, shopping become online shopping, even having meal people also can done my online order and delivery to you home. So our company using this strategy to made a revolution/ innovation for the normal betting activity and entertainment by casino become this – the “Online Casino”

SBbet333 is one of the best online casino in South East Asia, China, the first choice of overseas Chinese online casino and online slot casino. We coverage area included Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, etc. Now day we are as leading suppliers of online gaming product in Malaysia and Singapore, offering a wide range of first- class online betting and entertainment product and games in a safe and comfortable environment. We are 100 guaranteed company and also be called as most trusted online casino.

We offer customer a wide selection of innovative product such as live casino, sports betting, slot games, 4D lottery bet and keep research and development other many entertainments will open to customer when it was ready to play. Live dealer casino is the innovation in online casino, the players will playing the live game on the screen, via a webcam, living, breathing, real dealer sitting in a live casino real card for Blackjack, Baccarat, or spinning a real wheel in a game of roulette, 100% safety and fairness guaranteed. It is just like being at a real casino, however best of all is, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your room and playing in real money. We have a lot of choice of live casino platform for our customer such as eBET, Rolllex Casino, Lucky Place, Newtown live casino, Live22, Carli entertainment city and etc. choose your game, choose your dealer, and enjoys the game.

A completely sports books of the sport betting player to enjoy the best betting experience, we provided sports betting including soccer, basketball, baseball, E-sport, snooker, motor sport, boxing and 20000plus live event in every single month. We have the commissioner to analysis and centralized the sport information provide to our customer the latest information portal, review match statistics, customizable view, and history result. The part that cannot be lost in casino was slot games, we provided numberless of the slot games with our partner some was widely known such as SCR888, Playboy88, Joker123, Live22, 3Win8, 1S Casino, Rollex Casino, Ace333, Sky99, and other.

We have the a team of computer expert to provide the support of advanced software and hardware to giving the best online casino system experience to our customer, and provide facilities maintenance services to provide the best technical support to ensure customers can enjoy the best quality of services at all times. We also hired the experienced marketing team to provide the latest slot game and best promotion to customer. The promotion like deposit in certain amount will get the extra bonus up to 100%, the higher amount you deposit will receive the higher bonus. Other than this, we have the SBB Lucky Spin earn the reward for slot game and also the lucky pools to won the large prize. We provide the best quality of customer serving to our customer, though by strictly training, experienced and friendly customer service team 24 hour online and available to helping our customers. In addition since we are not only have English speaking customer, so customers can choose which language our customer service should communicate to you English, Chinese, or Malay. There have few methods to contact our customer service live chat as the most convenience way, or else customer can using whatsapp, wechat or email to contact us 24 online. We pay highly attention on the security and secure part, our company used the latest and the best security and secure system to ensure our customers playing in the safe and protected privacy online casino.

We also partner with many bankers in different country to provide the convenience deposits and withdrawals system to customer. Singapore customer can do the deposit by UOB, POSB, DBS, HSBC, and OCBC Bank. Malaysia customer can use by Maybank, CIMB bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, and RHB Bank. Bangkok Bank for Thailand customer, BCA for Indonesia customer, and also the Alipay for China customer. For other country we are communicating to the local banker, will open those services to other country soon.

Since established, our company objective was give the best quality of betting activity and entertainment to our customer, let all the customer experience the same Vegas atmosphere with 24/7 and your own comfort place. We pledge to continue to spare no effort to adhere strictly to the confidentiality and privacy regime.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Now day peoples are not going the casino because by inconvenient traffic, noisy atmosphere, and various reasons. In this developed network generation, we are introducing you the Online Casino- VFBET333 Online Casino, the authenticated trusted company. Since the internet began and people playing online betting activity and entertainment has become increasingly popular.
VFBET 333 established at 2016, created the same entertainment as Marina Bay Sands Casino but without driving to there.  Provided quality entertainment to people who enjoy in casino, by giving them the opportunity to do in a safe, fun, fair, regulated and secure and enjoyable online gaming experience possible. It just 3 years after established, we own a huge number of customers and still increasing and becomes a favorite of Singapore. Not just in computer can enjoy our service, you also can play all our games on the mobile devices at anytime and anywhere.

We are offering a lot of betting service and entertainment in our website example real time live casino, variants type of slot games, sport betting, 4D lottery betting, trustable cash out system, dice games, and etc. We are providing variety of online slot game such as slot games 918KISS, SCR888, 3WIN8, LIVE22, JOKER123, SKY777, ACE333, MEGA888, CSR777 and of course online casino Caibet, AVX88, EBET. And we are picked the best and most popular slot game convert them into apk/ app format from download platform. Enjoy the completely sport betting experience in our online casino, we provide the live betting for soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, baseball, motor sport, even E-sport too. We have a statistics team to collect and summarize all the data, any giving the adviser to all ours customer to experience the different sport betting compare other website.
The most attractive the customer join the online casino was the promotion. Customer can enjoy the welcome bonus up to 100% when the new player with first deposit. Other than that, we have an offer for daily bonus from 5% up to 30%. And also provide the monthly lucky draw to have a chance to win big prize. If you are the lover of 4D lottery bet player, you can enjoy the extra 10% bonus in our company.

We hired the different expertise in different area like IT department to ensure our system and every software &hardware is performance in good condition, marketing department is giving the best product as slot games or other games base on market demands, marketing team also work hard to bringing the best promotion to all customers, no matter new register player or loyalty player will getting the best rewards. 24/7 customer service ready to helping the customer all the customer serving crew are strictly trained, customers can getting help by Whatapps, Wechat or live chat to contact us for solve all trouble and giving the best solution to customers. Financial department provided the best and easier method to let our customer deposits and withdrawals with our partner banker like DBS, POSB, UOB, HSBC, OCBC Bank, and etc. All the security and secure system are using the most advanced technology and version to protect customer’s privacy. All this is just to ensure to our customers, what we can do for you “Safety Privacy, Excellent Service, Exhilarate, Many Selectivity” as a mission of our company.

Why people choose online casino? First we are available 24/7 in every single day of the year including any festival such as Chinese New Year, Labor Day, National Day, Christmas Day, and other many of festival. Customers no need to dress up as there is no need to leave your favorite armchair. You may won a millions jackpot while you are in toilet. Secondly it was lack of pressure compare to the normal casino, when you are a new players in casino you may not feel particularly confident sitting at a baccarat table in person, but on the computer or mobile device they can take the time to learn how to play the games properly without being scrutinized by the croupiers or other players. This is giving the change to let new player improve the skills. Third we offer more casino games that you have a massive variety of game to choose from, we provide an abundance of game, all your favorite casino game are offered and there are more versions to choose from. And also offer many more video slot variations and can develop them quicker than producing full blown slot machines, you also no need waiting to play your favorite slot machine anymore. In online casino you can enjoy more promotions and offers in any game or betting. It is more appealing from a player point of view when it comes to promotions. We offer deposit bonuses when customers deposit and play. This technically extra money to play, these bonuses will increase your chances of winning. Here is just some obviously reason of why online casino better than land-base casino.

Every single people also have their own stress, no matter you are a housewife, white collar, salesman, teacher. doctor, even city councilor or minister also. We cannot avoidance or retreat these stress, but we can let you take a break from the stress temporarily, enjoy some entertainment just need a computer or mobile device. We don’t ask customer to escape from the stress, we are offer a way to people to relive stress. There is what we are, and what we do for you. We committed to all customers, we are keep improvement and provide the better service, become the best online casino in Singapore and the best of the Asia.

Monday, June 10, 2019

REDPlay2u Online Casino

A couple of years before, the betting activities and entertainment can only being at the casino or some specific place. But until this era with the evolution of technology, advanced device and 5G internets, it is an honor to present to you the new generation of the betting activity and casino, the online casino “REDPlay2u”. The easiest and the fastest way to casino.

REDPlay2u is a 24 hour most convenience and safety 100% guaranteed company trusted online casino one of the best online casino in South-east Asia. We are veteran of Casino Malaysia and Casino Singapore, the company philosophy is further expand our business become the Omni leader and dominated online casino industry in whole Asia. In South-east Asia have a lot of online casino example like empir**** casino, lo**s casino, ti**r casino, lio**et casino etc. but why customer choose REDPlay2u online casino rather than other online casino, 2 main reason we are free register casino and also the best promotion casino in South-east Asia. Beside that customer safety is also our first object, we using the lasted security safety and secured system to ensure the privacy of the customer. We providing 3 option of language to customer English, Chinese, and Malay, if the market demanded other language we will taking action immediately to satisfy our customer. We accepted 2 currency from our customer Malaysia Ringgit MYR and also Singapore dollar SGD payment matter can be Malaysia bank, Singapore bank, or Paytrust88.

We are offering the various type of sport betting, live casino, much kind of slot game, convenience mobile casino betting, 4D Lottery, Keno and etc. by using the advanced network system, with various kind of software and hardware facilities to support our system. And we committed to provide the best performance to our customers. We have the experienced programmer, the expertise of network engineer to making a smoothly system for the customers. We also hired a marketing team to make our customer enjoy the best and the latest slot game or other betting apart from this don’t forget REDPlay2u is the best promotion casino marketing team committed to bringing the crazy promotion, high valuable reward, progressive jackpot, and etc… A huge 24hours online customer service team is ready to assist and help customer solving all the problems, all the customer service crews are strictly trained to serve the world wide customer by multiple language.

We provided the fully information of the sport betting soccer, 4D specials, basketball, baseball, E-sport, cricket, snooker, us football, motor sport, and etc. 20000plus live event every month, latest information portal, review match statistics, customizable views, history result, goal alerts, expertise advise for our sport betting customer. The live casino, betting in live gaming such as live blackjack, live baccarat and live roulette in real casino with real dealers. Slot games to feel the full Vegas atmosphere with ton of games, big jackpots and incredible promotion. The mobile casino betting purpose was as our slogan “ Now you can play anywhere, anytime you want.”

REDPLay2u is also a best promotion casino. 1) “120% Welcome Bonus” sign up and get the 120% welcome bonus on your first deposit, the bonus up to MYR/ SGD 999. 2) “20% Welcome Bonus” it is the additional promotion also for the new registered players the bonus up to MYR/ SGD 388 deposit bonus, which means the new registered players can enjoy both welcome bonus 120% and additional 20% at the first deposit. 3) “Weekend Bonus 10% with 3x Turnover” feel bored on weekend? Come enjoy our weekend bonus with low turnover!! This promotion is giving the 10% bonus when first deposit on the weekend up to MYR/ SGD 200. 4) “Weekly Lucky Draw” yes is weekly no monthly, every week also have the lucky draw, the total prize up to MYR/ SGD 3++. 5) “Birthday Bonanza” We reward you on big day! Claim your birthday bonus MYR/ SGD38! Customer can claim the birthday bonus 3 days before their birthday or within 3 days after their birthday. 6) “Perfect Attendance Bonus MYR/SGD 38” We award good to excellent players. This promotion was reward those players deposit MYR/SGD 50 per day and 5 days thru the week. 7) “Rescue Bonus Up to MYR/ SGD 399” Running low on your credit? Don’t worry, we got you back! Players can claim the rescue bonus due losing a limit of amount at previous week.8) “REDPlay Rebate Up To 2%” Insane daily cash rebate, no rollover required. This promotion was offer player get the cash rebate due by total wagered, rebate will automatically credited to main wallet at 1pm every day. 9) “VIP Program” let’s be our VIP and receive the best rewards ever!! Deposit over a certain amount within one month, player will become VIP to enjoy the special reward for VIP, the highest level of VIP will receive the better reward. 10) “RP Special Angpao” Special promotion for all RP members. Players will receive a RP Special Angpao with those deposited MYR/ SGD 30. 11) “Referral Cash Reward” brings your friend with us and receives big reward!! Players can redeem the referral bonus when invite your new friend and “New Friend” deposited MYR/ SGD30 within 5 days. 12) “REDPlay Affiliate Program” gets your commission by referring others through affiliate! Player can log in to our affiliate member site to obtain own register link to recruit new member 13) “5% Reload Bonus” reload bonus with unlimited claim time. And many other promotions, for more information please visit our REDPlayer2u website.

The complicated system make the simply operation to let our customers enjoy the best and easiest entertainment, and also the deposits and withdrawals system. We provide most easier and secured deposits & withdrawals system, mostly the customer will consider the problem about the charge for deposit & withdrawals, but in our online casino you no need to worry about this we will bear the relevant costs, which means customers are completely free of charge when during deposits or withdrawals. We also have listed FAQ and don’t forget our 24hour online customer service any problem customer please contact us, customer service will provide the best solution.

A huge company contains IT department, marketing department, customer service department, research and development department, and more just for make a best serve to our customers. Make our customers can enjoy the betting or entertainment with the comfortable environment. This was our company mission, we will not stop and spare no effort to strive for innovation, we be firmly entrenched the “customer first”. This is us, this is REDPlay2u.


Since 2009 the grand opening of Marina Bay Sands Singapore was 10 years ago, it was brought a lots of entertainment and relieve stress for innumerable Singaporeans. But if people have other choice to enjoy this service without wasting time for driving to casino, traffic jam on way to casino, collide with others players and etc. would u want this? Because of the rapid development for the internet, we break the knowledge about land-based casinos transcends the internet, we are proud to introduce you the Online Casino – LionBet. Enjoy the same entertainment service with the anyplace and the only required was a computer or mobile phone.

LionBet Online Casino is a trusted and reliable best online casino in Singapore. Our company has established a unique position as a dominator leading in the Singapore market by providing customer casino gaming experience to the next level with Live Dealer Casino and Slot Games making you experience like playing at a real live casino like the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Other than that, our company also provided the Sports betting, and 4D lottery betting system.

We has developed a fairly modest range of live games example like Baccarat, Rolette, Dragon/ Tiger, Blackjack, Sic Bo and etc. with no required for download version. Baccarat is a favorite entertainment in any casino at any country, and also the most popular card game in Asia. Live dealer baccarat run by a human croupier offers a new experience and brings a real casino atmosphere right to a computer or mobile phone. Live dealer roulette is a high-tech hybrid of a virtual roulette one may find at any online casino or real casino around the world. Blackjack also as the must demands in the casino, not only in Asia market at the European also hold huge fans of blackjack.

Mobile Online Casino is the current trends in this industry, why people choose play the mobile online casino? The most obvious answer to that is, because it is convenient and you can take your gaming anywhere. However there is more to it than that. True casino players know that profit comes from accumulating small wins over time, so the more you play the better your odds for hitting winning streaks. There is another reason, it can let you play in variants moments such as while waiting for bus, or while standing in a queue. It also means that you can play mobile slots and pay by online transaction. We remain the most popular mobile casino games and their vibrant colors, incredible animations and fast-paced game play is ideal for enjoying on the go. These casino games also offer players access to the same huge real money mobile casino jackpots they have enjoyed playing for online and progressive jackpots games with their life changing wins are incredibly popular with those using their mobile.

We are not lack of online casinos at Singapore, but on top at the mountain in this industry was our company. We are an online clubhouse space provider for numerous of online slot game  such as some have been exceptionally well known 918kiss, live 22, pussy888, 3win8, playboy2, mega888, sky777, ace333, joker123 and other countless online slot game, all this online slot game available on IOS system and Android system. This make our company become the best online slot casino. Attractive promotion was the best reward to our customer. the new signup member can enjoy the “Welcome Bonus” promotion. The welcome bonus must be deposit a minimum amount, our promotion will match your deposit by a certain percentage up to a certain amount.

Sport betting is the part that cannot be missed in current betting industry, we provided the latest information of any kind of sport games such as soccer, 4D specials, basketball, baseball, E-sport, cricket, snooker, motor sport, and etc with non-stop information portal, review match statistics, customizable views, history result, gold alerts, expertise advise. For 4D lottery bet, customer can enjoy the  extra 10% bonus by betting using our online casino.

Serving customers was our first code value of our company, we committed to provide the best customer serving to our player with highly trained and friendly 24/7 support crews customer on our Whatsapp, Wechat, and live chat to ensure that any queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Besides that, our marketing team also developed and presents the new service and function to our customer, the E-Wallet online casino. E-Wallet also called as digital wallet, is a reform of the secure place that contains one or more currency purses.  It is a very simple to use for own account transfer funds or game credits. Provided a “simple, protection, safety” E-wallet online casino platform. Except the E-wallet we did partner with the Singapore bank such as DBS, POSB, UOB, and OCBD Bank with giving the faster and easier deposit and withdrawal method to our customers. 

Our company did provide the most convenience register ways to customer, register by fill up the simply information form as the common register method, or customer can enjoy the easier variant type of registration the “Express Register”, the registration can be done by WhatsApp id or the Wechat id. We highly guard in the security and secure of our customer, we have the most advanced security measures available and are continually auditing our games and processes to ensure a totally safe and fair internet online casino experience.

Betting entertainment is an exciting way to take a break from reality, unwind and simply have a good time. As much as we want our customers to win big prizes and make their dreams come true, we more importantly encourage responsible gaming. LionBet online casino committed will great effort to maintain and improve our games, betting system, customer service, security system, deposits and withdrawals system, and other any we can provide better online casino experience to all our customer.